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I might be in the military but it aint stopping my from becoming a Trance Artist later on... IF you got questions or need help or w.es PM me or if you got AOL Instant Messenger send a greeting! haha. Anyways if you need to collab or w.es same. LATERS!

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Posted by DeAdvon - October 16th, 2010

Sorry for not replying to you guys as fast as you expected. I was out for 4 weeks in Yucca Valley 29 Palms California for a Training Excercise. As of right now , time is 0013... I am working on yet another song. I am trying to put together a piece that I imagined but doesnt seem right. And the Demo that i have out, I am also trying to touch it up so i dont have a lot to mess with. Well stay tuned!!! More Songs To COME! OORAH~

So, I've been gone for awhile...

Posted by DeAdvon - August 30th, 2010

Im currently 20 and I've been an UNSIGNED Trance Artist since I was 14. Its always DJ this and DJ that. I finally took a minute to think about what name I can come up with that resembles my personality and what I am. DeAdvon is 2 words combined together making 1. "Totally out of the ENGLISH SYSTEM". The word "De" comes from a Chines word meaning, in Chinese philosophy, usually translated, "virtuous deeds". Thanks to the Dictionary. Overall, it means Doing the right thing every time. And Advon in the Marine Corps., means "Advanced Echeleon". A formation of troops in a line. Since I am a marine and Im basically first to fight and last to leave... I think it fits me pretty well. A troop with a good moral and that have a virtue. Therefore, I am DeAdvon, the trance artist. (: Sums up well... *walks away...

How I came across the name, DeAdvon